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All Work displayed will have been made and produced with recycled materials or reused and previously discarded old art. Items that were once on their way to landfill or the incinerator have been now become the artists raw materials and are given a new meaning. Exhibitions and Shows will highlight the waste in society, of people, products, and how we treat the planet and its resources. Pop-Up Events will sell film props, hand made and reclaimed furniture, textiles and clothing. We are also a promoter of Non-Toxic paints and Art Materials, and encourage Artists to rethink their processes and practices by using products that existed before the rise of Petro Chemicals. The Circular Economy goes on show on the Gallery walls, in screenings and a once yearly event promoting recycling & inovation for the Built and Natural Environments with Biophilic advancements that improve our Social Fabric. We have a Non-Political ethos where only the truth matters.


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United Kingdom

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